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Eugene Orwell
Eugene Orwell

Watching the power play in attack clips collection video: At a recent online coaches discussion with Bahrain national team head coach Rafa, he mentioned, from memory, that the 3 keys for successful power play are: 1) Good ball control (not sure if this was the first key), 2) Good circulation of the ball, 3) Pass skipping. In the Video, I noticed the following points: 1) Most goals scored from shots from outside the 'D', which could have backlashed if the GK caught the ball for example. 2) No pass skipping were used in those clips. 3) All back-post goals were the result of ball watching by the relevant defender. At the Asian Cup I noticed that goals in favour of the power play attacking teams were the result of sharp movement of the scoring attacker as not many defenders were caught ball watching.

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