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Own Your Zone: Futsal Goalkeeper Positioning with Luizinho Cruz

Futsal Community!

Andre Caro here, and I hope you enjoy this great Futsal content from our Futsal Goalkeeping Online Course: "A COMPLETE APPROACH FOR MODERN GOALKEEPERS AND COACHES WITH LUIZINHO CRUZ"

📽️ Exclusive Video Sneak Peek: Watch as Luizinho talks us through drills to improve the positioning of your goalkeeping

Keen in learning more about Futsal Goalkeeping? Dive deeper with our on-demand course, covering the ins and outs of the modern goalkeeping.

Start studying On-Demand now:

online futsal goalkeeping course with Luizinho Cruz
online futsal goalkeeping course with Luizinho Cruz

Stay tuned for more Futsal content.

#TheDoctor Andre Caro


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