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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

"Traditionally, the pivot is the player responsible for ensuring depth to the attack, playing close to the opposing goal. Considered a key player in the 3-1 system, the pivots must have the following characteristics:

  1. Know how to play with your back to the opposing goal;

  2. Be physically strong to support the contact game against the defender before and after receiving the ball;

  3. Have good control of the ball, especially in situations where there is a body contact of the defender in an attempt to disarm or unbalance him, to sustain the attack;

  4. Knowing how to turn and finish accurately, especially in areas close to the opposing goal;

  5. Be able to guarantee the continuity of the elaboration of the attack filling the line of three players when there is a long run of one of the players that compose that line;

  6. When playing against low defences, it must generate depth to the attack, receiving the ball with his back to the opposing goal and creating passing lines for the players coming from the elaboration zone. Once the pivot receives the ball in depth and is supported by the other players, the “layoffs” usually generate excellent finishing opportunities, in addition to the turns, already mentioned;

  7. Knowing how to read the game correctly, in situations of pressure from the opposing team, returning towards your own field to serve as a passing reference for progression and forcing the defence to return to their own half, from there, attack a low defence;

  8. Know the time to explore the space between the last defender and the goalkeeper, playing behind his defender, creating passing lines and causing defensive positioning errors;

  9. Know how to read the game and make right decisions, such as deciding whether to finish the attack or make a pass to a teammate in a position to finish, whether he faces his marker 1-on-1 or time the attack with a returning pass to the elaborating area."


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