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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The 3-1 system is a system suitable for attacking teams that press high, from ¾ court onwards (line 2 and line 1). With the depth provided by the pivot, it is possible to move away from the opponent's defensive lines and take advantage of this space through the wingers and fixed entrances, progressing quickly on the playing court. It is possible to condition the behavior of the first defensive line (decrease of pressure in future situations) through the direct pass from the goalkeeper to the pivot or through play starting from the back with the players of the first line of attack, who can make use of formations and pre-established movements to get out of pressure.

These movements usually produce a certain defensive behaviour that allows players to continue with directed movements or to sequence the attack through individual and collective decision making.

It is the most suitable and used system for attacking low individual (man-to-man), zone or mixed4 defences, as we manage through deep passes to the pivot, breaking the first defensive line and quickly taking the ball to the finishing zone.

However, if the attacking team intends to have more time in possession of the ball to provoke the opponent's error, playing against a team that defends in ¾ of court (or in line 2, as is known in some countries) the 3-1 it is not the most suitable system, due to the fact that the greater distance between the team's players decreases the ball's circulation speed and the elaboration options. For this attack model, the 4-0 system is the most recommended.

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