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FREE: Exploring Futsal Tactics: 2022 FIFA Futsal World Cup Study Program

Futsal Community!

#TheDoctor Andre Caro here, and I am very excited to bring to you all a study I did during the last FIFA Futsal World Cup in 2022.

This FREE PROGRAM delves into all the goals and key moments of the tournament, providing valuable insights into futsal tactics and strategies.

Clips are split into the following topics:

  • 1-3 attacking 'Robinho'

  • 4v3 attacking

  • The 5th man strategy: Attacking & Defending

  • Corner kicks set pieces

  • 'Dicesar' movement

  • Free kicks set pieces

  • Goalkeeper throws set pieces

  • 'Meia Canela' half shing flick dribble

  • 10 metres Penalties

  • Penalties

  • Pressing - Breaking Pressure

  • Sideballs set pieces

  • Time Ball Passes

  • Counter attacks

  • Blocks

  • VAR incidents

  • Positional attacks

This program aims to promote and grow the game of Futsal

Keen in learning more? Dive deeper with our on-demand courses, covering the ins and outs of the 3-1 & 4-0 attacking systems. Start studying On-Demand now:

3-1 futsal system online course on-demand
3-1 futsal system online course on-demand

Stay tuned for more Futsal content.

#TheDoctor Andre Caro


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